Özer is one of the most experienced DJs on the Berlin circuit, and he has the technique to match. He flawlessly mixes his records, which rarely have a straight 4/4 beat, and he clearly takes the technical side of things just as seriously as the music itself.

Özer now associates with DJs who tend to keep a low profile. He produces electro, and plays stuff like this. He’s become central to a hard-to-define, mostly Berlin-based scene driven by DJs like Nicolas Lutz, Slow Life’s Laurine, Cecillio and DJ Tree, and his close friend and collaborator Binh. This group’s focus isn’t on big rooms and big crowds—instead, they seek intimate venues and forgotten techno, electro and house. According to Özer, his changing taste and entrance to this environment came naturally, and had more to do with the people he spent time with than anything else. “It’s about where you are and who your friends are,” he says. “I was more conservative in the past. I was still searching for strange records, but not like today. I’m a bit more grown-up, I think. The sound is also a bit more grown-up.”

Thursday August 3rd
Un_Mute & Sports Records present

[Time Passages, Treatment, Gilesku Records]

Warm up
Sons Of Immigrants

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