Saturday, June 3rd, Do Not Sit On The Furniture presents

➳➳➳➳ Nico Stojan ➳➳➳➳
(Ouïe / Bar25 | Berlin )

➳➳➳➳ BEHROUZ ➳➳➳➳
(Do Not Sit On The Furniture / All Day I Dream)

Support by:
Magician On Duty

➳➳➳➳ Nico Stojan ➳➳➳➳
Nico Stojan is a global citizen, a Berlin native and a devoted eater of Ayurvedic snacks. Chasing the sun, he spends his time between the fast-paced urban spaces of Europe and the exotic wild islands in the South Pacific. Before he found his home in House, he had another one in Hip-Hop. Here he nurtured his love of jazz and soul and discovered his talent for working the crowd. But it was the vibrant mood of a growing Berlin club scene and a residency at Bar25 that would change his musical direction and bring him a new set of listeners that would soon become like family. These are the ones who laugh a lot, hug regularly and travel often, and they’ve taken him everywhere; from the biggest festivals to the small intimate venues such as Do Not Sit On The Furniture.

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