)'( THE ROAD TO BURNING MAN )'( —> A series of shows in August dedicated to artists who will be playing at Burning Man this year! In this series on Saturday, August 26th, we welcome back our good friend

Mira [URSL / Katermukke]

Support by:
Surreal Flight

Even though being the latest discovery of the Bar25 Musician Crowd, Mira is by no means a newcomer. Hailing from Halle, Germany, she has enthused her front row followers with her expressive melodic and minimalistic house sets for already more than a decade.

With female easiness and musical depth she takes on the task of going further than striking superficiality: “always the best” is not only Mira’s front row slogan but also a personal challenge and a path chosen with passion. She has made her hobby a profession.

As one of the key members of the Katermukke family, she’s seen the evolution of the Berlin ‘Kater’ scene grow from places like Bar25 to Katerholzig to now Kater Blau. A simple description of the place wouldn’t do it justice. You have to be there to witness the intricacies, nooks, and crannies that create such a unique vibe.

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