Friday, April 7th, Do Not Sit On The Furniture presents

Magician On Duty – Artist Page

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Magician On Duty – Artist Page
Nii Tei

************* MAGICIAN ON DUTY ********************
Everything in the Universe has a Rhythm, Everything Dances”

Born and raised in Romania, Adrian was exposed to a wide variety of musical genres that shaped his eclectic taste.

An avid fan of Depeche Mode, Michael Jackson and James Brown, Adrian went to be a part of a breakdance group that toured the country and performed in front of crowds that exceeded 10,000 people.

Fast Forward to 2016, Adrian has been living in Miami, Florida for the past ten years. He Has been playing in top Underground Dance Night Clubs like The Electric Pickle, Treehouse and Do Not Sit On The Furniture.

He currently runs two record labels ” Making You Dance ” and “Magician On Duty” .

Exciting things are to be expected in 2017 as Adrian teamed up with the Do Not Sit On The Furniture Team for exclusive events, a studio remodeling and plenty of amazing music to be released on premiere underground record labels.

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