Friday, December 9th, Do Not Sit On The Furniture presents

Kimball Collins

Support by:
Bryan Silverstein
Rafi V

Interviews with Kimball
“Further Future” – in depth interview and exclusive music mix for event

Mixmag Asia Feature

“Purveyor of music and all its bliss… ”

DJ/Producer Kimball Collins is upfront, on it and always a few steps ahead of us. That’s what makes hearing him fun. He’s still the pioneer for discovering and debuting some of the most progressive styles of forward-thinking music. You can feel his contagious rush of excitement affect the dance-floor as he layers tracks of several genres into one cohesive set. Taking you on a joyride in the newest sounds from dusty playas, exotic lands, romantic castles, sci-fi synth labs to the bass-heavy melodic techno chambers… you know he’s pushing that envelope farther into the future.